Jewel Stud Earrings Guide: Build Your Own and Compare Prices

Jewel Stud Earrings Guide: Build Your Own and Compare Prices

April 06, 2020 | Admin

Frightened of getting tore away? Try not to need to squander your cash? Befuddled by all the decisions? Get in touch with us.

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The most effective method to BUY DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS

Here are the means for how to purchase precious stone stud earrings:

  • Make sense of your financial limit.
  • Pick a metal sort and shading.
  • Pick a setting style.
  • Conclude whether to manufacture your own or purchase pre-set.
  • In the case of building your own, ensure your two stones coordinate.
  • In the case of purchasing pre-set, follow our proposals beneath.

Primary concern Recommendation

Quality prerequisites for jewel stud earrings can be altogether loosened up when contrasted with precious stones to be set in engagement rings. This is because of the way that the normal separation at which they are seen is eminently more remote than the separation at which engagement rings are seen. Numerous stones for engagement rings that aren't viewed as eye-clean can be viewed as eye-clean for precious stone studs.

As of the most recent update of this article, we prescribe Blue Nile for jewel stud earrings as they have the best in general blend of value, quality, and administration.

In Part II, I will introduce general rules to be followed when purchasing precious stone earrings as far as the ideal characteristics (explicit for studs) of shading, lucidity, and cut.

On the off chance that you are purchasing studs that are two carat absolute weight or higher (1.00ct every) you will most likely need to "manufacture your own pair." You do this purchase picking explicit affirmed precious stones that coordinate and having them placed them in your preferred setting. While going this course, you'll need some assistance ensuring the two stones match, and ensuring you're not spending a lot on highlights that will go to squander.

Kindly don't stop for a second to get in touch with us with any inquiries. I'll readily glance through stock on the web and send you suggestions of explicit stones.

When taking a gander at stud earrings that are littler than 2ctw (see the importance of CTW truncation), it bodes well to buy a couple of non-certed preset precious stones. As we clarified, the specific lucidity and hues don't make a difference as much on stud earrings and you can show signs of improvement esteem with non-certed precious stones right now (confirmation cost alone would add 35% to the expense of these sets). Beneath I look at the precious stone stud offerings of the four biggest online jewel sellers: Blue Nile, Century Diamonds, and Diamond Studs 4 Less.

Section 1 – Review of the Four Best Onlilne Stores for Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

For the individuals who need the reality immediately, here is a snappy outline of my exploration introduced in a table, positioning the sellers.

Value Comparison of the Four Vendors

The normal expense of precious stone stud earrings for girls with 0.25 complete Carat is $285. The normal expense of precious stone stud earrings with 0.5 all out Carat is $725 and the normal cost of jewel stud earrings with 1 absolute Carat is $2,495. Absolute carat alludes to the carat weight of the two earrings consolidated.

Contingent upon the carat weight, precious stone characteristics, and kind of setting, the cost of jewel stud earrings can extend extensively. From a legitimate online merchant like Blue Nile, you can discover precious stone stud earrings valued from $199 to $35,000 and past.

Like any precious stone, the cost is influenced by the jewels' carat weight and highlights. A precious stone that is 1.5 carat costs essentially in excess of a jewel that is 1 carat. A precious stone that has an Excellent or Ideal cut is more costly than a jewel with a Good cut. The equivalent goes for highlights like Color and Clarity. Commonly, the higher the evaluation the higher the cost. For valuable metal, white, yellow, and rose gold are also estimated. 14K gold costs under 18K gold. Furthermore, platinum is generally costly of the valuable metals.

The merchant you pick likewise assumes a job in your stud earring costs. Contingent upon the precious stone quality, confirmation, and overhead costs, the cost can vary. Less expensive stud earrings aren't generally the best wagered, in light of the fact that you may be relinquishing on quality. That is the reason it's imperative to survey the subtleties of the precious stones, setting, and seller before making a buy.

The table underneath offers a correlation of precious stone stud earring costs by seller.

As I recently referenced, a large portion of the major online precious stone merchants sell their studs aimlessly – without confirmation. The explanation behind this is for the most part, studs are a less expensive blessing item and including the expense of two authentications regularly takes the item out of moderateness.

While this advantages the shopper in that it holds costs down, it likewise makes some serious issues.

Buyer Concerns

By what method can the shopper trust what the merchant asserts about the jewels they are selling?

In what capacity can the buyer dependably analyze costs across various sellers if no goal outsider can bear witness to the way that they are comparing an equal item?

Client surveys are extraordinary for giving the buyer trust in a specific seller, yet by what method can the shopper look at client support across various merchants?

The Diamond Vendors in Review

That is the point at which I concocted the thought for the Complete Diamond Stud Earrings Review. This report tries to address the three issues just referenced.

To achieve this, a couple of studs from four driving precious stone sellers on the web (Blue Nile,, and Century Diamonds) were bought and reviewed.

The Process:

I booked a pass to visit my old neighborhood of NYC and mystery shopped every one of the five sellers. I had my sister do it so they wouldn't realize it was me. It was additionally pleasant to have her point of view as a first time stud precious stone customer.

For our assessment, we requested 1/2 carat all out weight (1/4 carat jewel in every ear) round precious stone stud earrings from every one of the previously mentioned sellers.

Every seller has in any event two diverse quality levels. To keep things reliable over every seller, we attempted to discover similar jewels in the equivalent SI2/I1 sweet spot. This is troublesome as they were everywhere when it came to quality cases. For instance, Blue Nile's 1/2ctw were the best precious stones as far as lucidity, yet they named them I1. Century Diamonds, then again, guaranteed their studs were SI2, however they were horrendous jewels.

Given that, we attempted to get earrings as practically identical as could be expected under the circumstances. We'll remark on their quality and incentive to give you a precise thought of which is the best value for your money.

We assessed each pair of studs, and afterward returned them to their particular seller when wrapped up. We archived each progression of the procedure: ordering process, jewel quality, and simplicity of return. We additionally had a similar picture taker take the photographs. Other than your run of the mill contact ups, there was no photo shopping of the earrings to alter their appearance.

Conclusive outcomes: Best Places to Buy Diamond Earrings on the web

1) Blue Nile

Site and Ordering Process:

Well this present one's the most effortless of the bundle. Blue Nile is the biggest online retailer (by far). Their site is top notch and the ordering procedure was totally consistent. I've requested from them on different occasions (we've mystery shopped them for engagement rings and for European perusers) and the buying procedure was quick and smooth. They were the quickest to convey the result of the considerable number of organizations we worked with.

The Earrings

This is the place Blue Nile truly sparkles. The earrings were shocking. The precious stones were cut and were inconceivably splendid. The precious stones seemed white and none of the considerations were noticeable by any means.

I had a couple of individuals pick their preferred pair of the pack and four of the five picked this pair decisively.

Simplicity of Return

Blue Nile's arrival procedure is overly basic. You simply need to send it back by enrolled mail. In the wake of sending it back, we got an affirmation email and our record was credited a couple of days after the fact.


Site and Ordering Process

While their site is streamlined and simple to utilize, we saw the client care as somewhat inadequate. My sister had a few issues ordering a couple and it was difficult to get somebody on the telephone or answer an email. Inevitably we figured out how to get the request set. In any case, the earrings arrived quickly.

The Earrings

Lamentably, this is the place they fell somewhat level. The precious stones were in no way, shape or form awful. At the cost point they might be a decent choice.

Yet, the cut on the precious stones were observably more regrettable than the Blue Nile pair. They simply didn't have that additional oomph in their radiance that makes them champion (which is principal in earrings).

They likewise were somewhat more profound cut which made the pair look somewhat littler. The craftsmanship was alright, the shading was fine and the considerations weren't horrible. 

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