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Most of the hard work is over. Once you’ve picked the suitable engagement ring, the relaxation of the trip is downhill. Though, choosing a guys’ wedding ceremony band can nevertheless be a hard desire – will it be cushty? Heavy? Will I lose it? I mean, it's far the most important ring you’ll ever wear. Here are 10 smooth steps to make certain yours is both cushty and attractive.

Men’s Weddings Bands: A Brief History

Women’s wedding rings have lengthy been an image of everlasting love. The Egyptians and the Greeks were notions to have selected the ‘ring finger’ because they believed it contained a vein leading without delay to the heart. This legend has motivated many groups throughout history to gift wedding ceremony rings. However, it is best lately that guys have begun wearing wedding ceremony bands. During WWII, men wore wedding rings to remind them of their other halves back home. They have been used as a symbol of commitment even as overseas. During the following few decades, they became increasingly popular for civilians and are a staple of cutting-edge matrimony.

How do guys pick out wedding bands? Top 10 Ways to Make Sure It’s Comfortable


One of the easiest choices to make is color. Do you decide upon a more rugged, steely look? If so, white gold, palladium, or platinum are you're fine choices. White gold is the most famous steel for guys as of the writing of this article. Couples may want to keep in mind platinum or palladium, however, as they're a true “white” metals. White gold, on the other hand, is crafted from yellow gold, and so it has a more vanilla-white color.


Do you have got a job or hobby that might capability damage your ring? Spend quite a few time lifting heavy weights or operating with tools? Then you might want a more durable ring. The most long-lasting treasured ring sorts are platinum and palladium.



One factor many grooms do no longer don't forget till after purchase is the weight of their band. Some guys decide on a heavier ring, as they just like the solidity. Others need their ring to be as light as possible! If you need a heavy band, you could want to consider platinum. This is because platinum is very dense steel – and it feels high-quality on! If you decide on a lighter band, gold and palladium are your tickets.


The width of your wedding ceremony band will immediately affect how snug it's miles to your finger. The modern look for men’s wedding ceremony bands is 6-8mm. A greater conventional width (suppose your grandfather’s band) is around 4mm. Looking to rock the boat? I’ve visible upwards of 10mm for rock n’ rock kinds! Either way – the aim is to ensure the band feels comfortable. To do that, bear in mind the duration of your fingers. Men with lengthy palms will in all likelihood decide upon an 8mm. Those with shorter palms will feel more cushty with a 6mm.


Do you fidget? Do you want texture? This is your chance to have a beautiful, meaningful, and everlasting sensory plaything! Those that enjoy texture must select a wedding band with a hammered finish, a convex edge, or a couple of layers. These textures will preserve you loving your ring forever.

On the alternative hand, are you seeking out a unique men's wedding bands gold, but have sensory issues? Solutions include looking for a barely domed band, a satin finish, and light-weight metals (think gold or palladium). This will keep sensory overload at a minimal and permit the band to sense extra herbal towards your skin.


The winner of a men’s wedding ceremony band is an exceedingly essential issue in its comfort. This is due to the fact the inner is what pushes in your skin! As a result, you don’t need it to pinch or scrape in opposition to your skin. Here are :

Comfort-fit – where the internal of the band curves out slightly, developing a soft sense in opposition to your skin. This is the maximum cushty option.

Flat – wherein the band is “pipe cut,” and is flat towards your finger. If you select this, ensure that you have the very edges rounded so it does no longer scrape your finger on its manner on and off (speak from experience). This is less cushty

Concave – wherein the band curves in, causing your finger to pinch. This is pretty rare and happens in lower-stop bands as a result of the attempt to conserve metal. This is enormously uncomfortable and has to be avoided.


The maximum low priced precious steel for a men's wedding band is 14k gold. Our classic, comfort-suit wedding ceremony band, Seren, starts offevolved at $480 in your choice of gold! Next comes palladium, and then platinum, in phrases of expense. This is because platinum is an uber-dense material, so greater of it's far required to make every platinum band. If you’ve were given a massive budget, platinum is usually a high-quality option. It is long-lasting, stunning, and heavy. (PS: Palladium is a superb lower-price alternative to platinum!)

But “why are men's wedding ceremony bands so reasonably-priced on Amazon?” Because they're now not gold, palladium, or platinum. Instead, they're steel, titanium, or different non-precious metals. As a result, most are forged in factories, like a hex nut. While that idea may genuinely attraction to you, make sure you take into account: you can’t length them or repair them. So, what could happen if you need a brand new size as a result of weight reduction or gain, in case you chip or harm the band, or you want to have it reduce off in an emergency?


Men with allergies should take care to avoid gold (in any color). This is due to the fact white gold consists of nickel (and many human beings are allergic to nickel), and yellow and rose gold comprise copper (another feasible allergen). So, if you suffer from allergies, you could wish to remember palladium or platinum! Both of these metals are hypoallergenic and beautiful.


Get sized via a professional jeweler! Make sure which you attempt on “men's ring sizers” and no longer women’s ring sizes (which can be thinner). Also, keep in mind giving yourself only a touch extra room to make sure you sense right getting the ring on and off. This is also essential for whilst you swell in heat (of after ingesting that pizza).


Some couples love this, a few don’t care. Speak with your companion and see if they have an opinion, then make the proper desire for you! Some exchange ways of complimenting each different’s bands include: matching metal colors, matching engravings, and matching widths! Here’s a romantic engraving of considered one of our groom’s fiancee’s real handwriting:

Final Thoughts on Men’s Wedding Bands

Choosing a men’s wedding ceremony band must be a variety of fun! Once you’ve got your budget decided, definitely strive to pick out a ring that compliments your character and relationship.

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