Ultimate Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

Ultimate Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

April 06, 2020 | Admin

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The tennis wristband is a notable design piece that can decorate any style from easygoing to formal. A beautiful tennis armlet like this, has inconceivable splendor and glimmer while as yet keeping up its tasteful nuance. Underneath we will give you all that you have to know to locate the ideal armlet.


The name 'tennis arm jewelery' starts from the 1987 US Open when proficient tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her precious stone wrist trinket during a match. Evert requested that the authorities delay the game to search for her arm ornament, all while observers and TV watchers watched the pursuit.

Chris Evert was a Tennis Superstar, however she was otherwise called a design symbol also. Named "The Ice Maiden", Evert's most nottable style decision was her precious stone time everlasting wrist trinket.

Since that day, the line precious stone wrist trinket has been alluded to as the tennis arm ornament. Gem dealers in a split second began to get demands for a "tennis wrist trinket". Decades after the 1987 US Open, watchers, tennis players and the overall population the same have been motivated to wear precious stone bracelets themselves.


What is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis arm jewelery is an arm jewelery that contains little precious stones or diamonds associated by a meager, valuable metal chain. As a bit of rich jewelry, tennis bracelets are normally made of 14K or 18K gold, platinum or sterling silver rings.

Initially, tennis bracelets were known as "line jewel bracelets" — a name that is as yet utilized every so often today. In the same way as other different bits of jewelry, the tennis arm jewelery has since earned a name that is more the consequence of a striking open occasion than its beginnings or capacity.


Like when purchasing a precious stone ring, you need to buy your tennis armlet from a trustworthy and solid jewelry merchant. In light of our long stretches of understanding, we suggest the accompanying sellers for tennis bracelets and other fine jewelry.

James Allen is a notable online jewelry retailer that offers everything from free precious stones to engagement rings, bracelets and the sky is the limit from there. They offer fantastic client support and probably the most serious costs in the business.

Focal points of utilizing James Allen incorporate their high goals photography, which makes it simple to look at changed precious stone tennis bracelets and other jewelry on the web, just as their determination of various things.

To put it plainly, James Allen offers incredible valuing for tennis bracelets and other jewelry, just as an immense choice that makes it simple to discover something that suits your style. Peruse our survey of James Allen to find out additional.

Tennis bracelets from James Allen:

14kt white gold tennis arm ornament with 60 precious stones

14kt white gold tennis arm ornament with 55 precious stones


Blue Nile:

Blue Nile is another online jewelry retailer. Like James Allen, they're notable, with over 17 years of experience. Blue Nile have a decent notoriety, offer great client assistance and sell their jewelry at serious costs.

From a choice point of view, Blue Nile has the biggest stock in the business. They likewise offer high goals photographs and video for some, things, making it simple to look at choices on the web and pick something that suits you.

You can locate the typical determination of valuable metals offered here, from 14K and 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold to sterling silver and platinum.

Just as tennis bracelets, Blue Nile offer free precious stones, engagement rings, earrings and a huge scope of other jewelry pieces. By and large, Blue Nile is a solid spot to search for any sort of precious stone jewelry, including tennis bracelets. Peruse our audit of Blue Nile to find out additional.

Tennis bracelets from Blue Nile

Milgrain tennis arm jewelery with 70 precious stones

Tennis arm jewelery with two columns of precious stones in 14kt white gold

Brian Gavin Diamonds: With more than 20 years of experience, Brian Gavin is known for offering the best cut jewels. Basically, their precious stones offer unrivaled splendor—which means their stones radiate the most shimmer. Consider the Brian Gavin assortment for your tennis bracelets, rings and pendants.

Tennis bracelets from Brian Gavin:

Boutique alternatives: If you're searching for something genuinely one of a kind and can pay extra, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us.

The most effective method to ASSESS THE QUALITY OF A TENNIS BRACELET


Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet

With regards to surveying the nature of a precious stone tennis wrist trinket, you'll need to focus on two elements. The principal factor is the kind of metal that is utilized to make the armlet; the second is the magnificence of the jewels.

We regularly get inquiries regarding how much a tennis wrist trinket should cost. A tennis bracelets cost is differed dependent on the metal kind, number of precious stones and size of jewels. Tennis wrist trinket costs start at generally $2,500 and can climb fundamentally from here. You can't generally analyze the expense of a tennis wrist trinket containt 1.5 cttw of precious stones to the cost of a tennis wrist trinket containing 3 cttw of jewels.

Tennis bracelets come in a few unique metals. The most widely recognized are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver.

There's no "best" metal for a precious stone tennis wrist trinket. Rather, every material offers its own look and feel that can make it increasingly appropriate for you. Since you'll as a rule wear a tennis wristband on a regular basis, one factor to consider while picking a material is its toughness.

14K and 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, just as platinum and sterling silver are altogether more than solid enough for regular wear.

For progressively nitty gritty data on these metals, you can discover our manual for platinum and gold here and our manual for 14K gold here.

For the precious stones, you'll need to take a gander at them intimately with the unaided eye or utilizing high goals symbolism.

When purchasing an engagement ring, the inside jewels ought to consistently be confirmed to ensure they're of a high caliber. In any case, since the stones utilized in precious stone tennis bracelets are so little, it's not worth the cost of evaluating the jewels.

To place this in context, to affirm the 55 jewels utilized in a normal tennis armlet, you would need to spend near $5,000 on accreditations alone. In light of this colossal cost, the precious stones utilized in tennis bracelets aren't evaluated or affirmed.


This makes it fundamental that you purchase your precious stone tennis arm ornament from a completely screened and trustworthy seller like Blue Nile, James Allen or Brian Gavin. Quite a bit of what you're paying for in any tennis arm jewelery is the craftsmanship and style that went into making it.

In assessing the precious stones yourself, ensure they offer brightness (this implies light reflects back to the eye, making shimmer). You ought to likewise watch that the precious stones utilized in the arm jewelery look eye clean (this implies they don't have any recognizable flaws) and that the stones look white corresponding to the setting.

On the off chance that you'd like help with assessing the jewels of a tennis wrist trinket, if you don't mind get in touch with us and one of our specialists will get you out.


Styles of tennis bracelets differ. While most structures contain one column or circle of jewels, a few bracelets have two or even three lines of stones. Most tennis bracelets use round cut precious stones, albeit a few styles fuse emerald cuts like this platinum tennis arm ornament or princess cuts like this 18K white gold wrist trinket.

Settings are normally one of three assortments: prong, channel or bezel. Each style safely holds the precious stone and offers a one of a kind look. Much the same as with metals, there's no "best" wristband plan — rather, the structure you pick ought to be founded on close to home inclination.

14 k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet Prong: Usually three or four prongs for each jewel (the two choices are secure). The metal prongs hold the stone and permit light to go through the precious stone's pavillion, as right now gold tennis arm jewelery.

Channel: Designed with two columns of slight metal to hold the stone on either side (with the stones in the center). Jewels fit intently together like right now gold tennis arm jewelery.


Bezel (or Half Bezel): Metal encompasses the stone, like a watch head. This milgrain tennis arm ornament is a case of a bezel setting. In a half bezel, metal is associated with just different sides of the stone.


Tennis bracelets make for excellent and important endowments consistently. In light of their exemplary plan and well known intrigue, tennis bracelets are regularly passed down for ages as family treasures and tokens.

  • A jewel tennis wrist trinket can make an extraordinary present for any of the accompanying events:
  • Wedding commemoration (for example fifth, tenth, fifteenth, 25th)
  • Wedding day present (for mate, mother, relative, grandma)
  • Valentine's Day
  • Birthday
  • Graduation (secondary school, school, graduate school, clinical school)
  • Birth of a kid
  • Employment advancement
  • Accomplishment of an energizing achievement
  • Retirement
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or different occasions
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