Best lab grown diamonds of 2024 | Expert reviewed JBR Jeweler

Best lab grown diamonds of 2024 | Expert reviewed JBR Jeweler

Lab-grown diamonds  and sustainable diamonds are the talk of the town these days.But one wonders before buying that is the lab-grown diamond the same one as the mined diamond. Does it possess the same quality, shine, durability, design and hardness? The answer is yes. The only difference between a lab-grown diamond and a real mined diamond is the source of their origin. The former is made in a lab and the latter is extracted from earth’s crust. It has paved the way with its shine in all kinds of jewellery today like engagement rings for women, engagement rings for men, wedding rings and bands, necklaces, bracelets etc. JBR jeweller flaunts this beautiful collection of jewellery along with a custom ring that gives a personal touch to you and your style.

Wondering what makes a lab-grown diamond trending these days?


-Same quality and durability as mined diamond

-Brilliant shine and sparkle

-Eco-friendly and mining free

-Versatile, stylish and polished look

-Varied colour options to suit your taste

-Traces of origin can be easily available.

JBR Jeweller not only takes care of your jewellery selection but also ensures the highest quality of it. The standards set by global bodies are taken care of and the company makes sure all the manufacturers, suppliers and designers adhere to it. This commitment to quality is reflected in varied wedding rings – pear-shaped, oval-shaped, radiant cut, cushion-shaped, princess-shaped, double band, emerald cut etc. Apart from that, lab-grown diamonds also enhance the charm of wedding sets, bridal sets and earrings. You can also have your custom ring made by them with metal combinations, layering, designs, varied carat sizes and different stones.


Now, let’s look at how such quality is maintained.


Just like all other segments, some crucial standards and certifications are placed to ensure the optimum quality of the diamond. In the diamond sector, the 4 C’s are the must–cut, clarity, colour and carat. Certifications for grown diamonds are provided by three reputed labs – IGI, GIA and AGS based on these four factors. These are provided under the supervision of lab experts. It is based on many factors like cut, clarity, shine and colour of the diamond. Moreover, detailed grading is also a vital factor to look out for.


Though all certified diamonds do not vouch for excellent quality, one must look at the particular certificate and check the diamond by oneself. These questions can help you buy your next lab-grown diamond without compromising on the quality of the same.


-Asking for diamond cut grade (Give preference to excellent or very good grade from lab like GIA.)

-Asking for the diamond’s colour grade (Opt for near colourless grade to ensure the best possible brilliance and shine.)

-Asking for the diamond’s clarity grade (Choose VS1 or higher than that grade. This can help to make sure that naked eyes can’t see minimal intrusion.)

-Asking for GIA and more certifications that diamonds possess (Lab certification always provides authenticity and all the details of the stone you are going to buy.)


Diamond shopping shouldn’t feel overwhelming. It should add dazzle and oomph to your shopping spree. After all, you are adding a precious asset to your jewellery closet. JBR Jeweller makes this easier for you by providing a classy collection of lab-grown diamond jewellery to your doorsteps while you can sit back and wait to adorn it with grace.


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