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Diamond jewellery pieces for best gifting options

One of the major parts of our customs, culture or tradition is gifting. It is an act that defines a bond of harmony with our loved and close ones. So, if it is for our loved ones, then, why not choose one of the best gifting options to pamper them? Yes, jewellery it is. It is precious, classy, vintage, and chic and can be customized according to our tastes and styles. And what’s more enchanting to gift dazzling diamond jewellery to shower your love on your closed ones? For that, JBR Jeweller is your go-to destination where you can get a variety of options to choose from. 

Here, is your guide to choose from what’s trending in the diamond jewellery domain that can become your best gift option to date. 

1. A delicate statement of love - Diamond bracelet

For bracelets, comfort is the norm. The functionality it provides and the ease of everyday wear make it one of the most sought-after options for gifting. They are not so glamorous but their delicate style speaks loudly along with the diamonds complimenting it beautifully. 

2. Oomph of Minimalism - Diamond bangles

Even though bangles are not the first go-to jewellery option nowadays, the style or combination with diamonds you choose makes it versatile. Modern diamond bangles come in different metal combinations like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum etc. Modern designs in bangles give them an effortless look while giving an oomph of drama to your look. 

3. Elegance personified - Diamond necklace

The eyes on a diamond necklace always feel aww in the wonder of its sparkle. The diamond necklace makes a bold statement with its cut, layering, chains and design. To add to the beauty of that, you can also add customized pendants to it like iced-out pendants, name initials, floral patterns etc. With this, you can choose your custom diamond jewellery adding a personal touch to the gift. It can be a go-to accessory for occasions like weddings, parties, or functions. Minimalistic styles are also available for regular wear in the office in the JBR jewellery collection.

4. Dazzling drop-down - Earrings or earcuffs.

Long and bold earrings are in the trend right now. It highlights that only them as an accessory is enough to go well with your dress and no other jewellery piece is required with certain styles. Pleasing small diamonds in different patterns like oval-shaped, floral, heart studded in ear cuffs never goes unnoticed and long earring drops make a statement in itself. 

5. Never loses its charm - Diamond rings 

From ages, the ring symbolises the emotion of love. Hence, diamond rings can never go wrong as a perfect gifting option. Different shapes, layers, carats, and cuts make your diamond ring special. The latest one is a lab-grown diamond that is purposeful, sustainable and affordable.  Also, different metal combinations like platinum, rose gold, copper gold, and yellow gold add a touch of taste to the diamond ring. 

Apart from these, JBR jewellers also provide a wide range of products like moissanite rings, gemstone rings, iced-out jewellery, silver jewellery and wedding bands. You can also choose one of them as your gift option for your loved ones. And as gifting is personal, they go a mile ahead to give you personalized and custom diamond jewellery options that will surely put a smile on your loved ones' faces.

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