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how Is your ring size the same as your shoe size?

Shopping for jewellery is fun and like retail therapy until you want to choose the right size, colour, material or texture of whatever you buy. While it’s not taxing to buy a perfect fit for you, it is still time-consuming if you don’t have an idea about your needs. Every individual has a different size that fits him or her perfectly. You need to buy a comfortable one. It is apt for buying clothes, jewellery rings, shoes and other accessories. But presently, let’s talk about the diamond ring that adorns your finger while being chic, classy, versatile and charming.

So, how is ring size measured?


Imagine you want to know the engagement ring size of your loved one for the upcoming big day. Typically, it is measured by the diameter or circumference of the finger. Finger shape and size also play a vital role in determining ring size. It is measured via a numerical scale. To buy a perfect size ring, you need to go to a jeweller and get detailed guidance from him or her to measure your custom size ring and then buy a ring. Your ring should be comfortable to wear daily and fit securely on your finger so that it doesn’t fall or get lost.


Methods used to figure out the ring size.


-Your go-to method to measure engagement ring size at your home is to use a measuring tape. You can note down the diameter of your finger in millimetres and compare it with a ring size chart.

-Another method is to have a look at the ring size chart. Many online jewellery brands and retailers provide that guide to compare your ring size with it. There are different measurements standardized as per the circumference of your finger.

-You can also use a ring sizer to measure the accurate size of your ring finger.


Is your ring size same as your shoe size? A myth or a fact? Let’s find out.


Occasionally or sometimes, if you stick your sole or shoe in a device, it gives the same or similar results as when you put your finger in a ring sizer. But this is just a pure coincidence and does not have any scientifically backed results or data.


Ring size is the same as shoe size is just a belief and does not have accuracy. It can often lead to wrong decision-making while buying rings. Both sizes are measured in different units and there is no relation between them. Shoe size is determined by the length and width of the foot while ring size is determined by the diameter or circumference of the finger. Both do not have a direct connection though there are myths around it. For example, one can have a larger foot size but not a larger ring size. Apart from that, finger shape and finger tissue play significant roles in custom-size rings. Whereas, factors like height and weight of the person can determine a person’s foot size. So, both are relatively different. The sizes of diamond rings and shoe depends on the individual’s physical attributes and not on each other.


So, next time when you find yourself going crazy or in panic mode while buying a diamond ring, just stick to the authentic engagement ring size measurement methods and not the myths. Also, we at JBR Jeweler understand the vibe of your big day whether you are going to propose, get engaged or have a wedding bash, we take care of that special moment by helping you find the perfect fit rings for your loved ones. Visit JBR Jeweler today to explore a wide range of jewellery collections like rings, lab-grown diamond rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, wedding sets, bridal sets, and customized pieces to cherish your celebration in style!