Lab grown diamond

Lab grown approved for sale in USA

The new wave of change has ushered in many parts of the world. And that wave is of sustainability. It is the new way to be if trends are to vouch for. It has significantly impacted our lifestyle, buying behaviour, patterns, and choices related to food, clothing, accessories etc. Eventually, it has become a conscious choice to opt for products or services that don’t harm the environment. JBR Jeweller fulfils that conscious choice of the customers. It displays an elegantly stylish jewellery collection of lab-grown stones and diamonds in pieces like lab-grown diamond rings, custom rings, moissanite rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.


Let’s see the market of lab-grown diamonds.


Even though at first you feel that no other stone can beat the shine of lab-grown diamond, but is in trend. Number one reason is people are becoming more conscious about what they are buying, where its origins are and how it is affecting the Earth. Hence, this indicates that sales of lab-grown diamonds will be the same as mined diamonds.


According to one study, the lab-grown diamond market was valued at 11.3 billion USD in 2022 and is estimated to grow by 7.1% cagr from there on till 2027. In 2027, it is projected to reach 15.9 billion USD. Millennials and Gen Z are driving this force making the jewellery segment a disruptive market with innovations, strategies, technologies and its implementation. 


Even for big days like engagements and weddings, people are choosing lab-grown diamonds because they reflect their conscious and sustainable lifestyle and choices.


History of Lab-grown diamonds.


The sought-after choice for your custom ring these days that is lab-grown diamond had paved a long way before it was officially recognized by standard institutes. Its journey dates back to the 1950s when experiments were started to create diamonds in a lab using different techniques. Then finally, in the 1970’s, a breakthrough came and the first lab-grown diamond was made successfully. It then slowly became popular among people for different jewellery and engagement rings in the 1980s after more advanced techniques were used to incorporate these diamonds in the jewellery market. In 2007, GIA introduced the first-of-its-kind certificate for lab-grown diamonds. After a decade, in 2017, VRAI created the world’s first carbon-neutral certified diamonds. And finally, in 2018, FTC recognizes lab-grown diamonds as real diamonds. The first lab-grown diamond was made in the USA and after proper making and recognition from certain authorities, it was approved for sale in the USA under certified guidelines. The USA is also the biggest market for lab-grown diamonds accounting for the highest sales in compared to others.


Top jewellery choices for lab-grown diamonds.


Two trends in lab-grown stone designs are lab-grown diamond rings and moissanite rings.

1. Lab-grown diamond ring – It’s the next best choice after diamond to buy the stone if you want it affordable, sustainable, durable, having brilliant shine and sparkle, earth-friendly, precisely cut diamond. It has vibrant colours, and shapes like pear, oval, princess cut, cushion cut, round cut etc. Different carat options are also available according to your budget and metal combinations that make the best custom ring for you.

2. Moissanite rings – The stones are cut, shaped and made in a lab similar to the original one found first via meteor remains. They are polished and made into different colour moissanite stones in a lab. These are also sustainable, affordable and mining-free. They are also one of the best options for engagement and wedding rings.


JBR Jeweller offers a wide collection of jewellery for special occasions, big days, and daily wear to amp up your personality and smiles on your loved one’s face.