What are moissanite jewellery pieces and why they stand out?

Jewellery pieces speak profound language in a very untold manner about the bond you share with yourself or with your loved ones. Whether it is gracing yourself with a gift of self-care, or presenting someone a token of love, a classy jewellery piece has always been a go-to option. To cherish this special bond with yourself or with your close one, a rare, unique and elegant piece would be great. We have often heard about diamond, gold, silver and platinum metals. To add to that, moissanite stone is paving the new trend. JBR Jewellers provides a beautiful collection of diverse jewellery pieces with varied moissanite colours. Wondering what’s this new stone all about? Let’s discover it.

Unraveling the journey of moissanite stone: -

Moissanite was discovered from Earth over a century ago. It was found at the site where a meteorite had struck in Arizona. It looks the same as a diamond stone mined from Earth. It is one of the rare found minerals on Earth. After that, scientific and laboratory techniques like the thermal growing process were started to make moissanite artificially in a lab. It was made by a combination of silicon carbide crystals. This artificial creation of one moissanite stone takes up to two to three months.  After that, it is cut and shaped into specific quantified proportions and angles. This polish helps in enhancing the quality and brilliance of the stone. Apart from that, the look and texture of Moissanite stone come in two different grades: colourless and near-colourless.

Features of moissanite jewellery: -

-Similarity with diamond – Not only does moissanite look like a diamond, but it outshines the diamond in its sparkle. The only difference between moissanite and diamond is its source of origin. The moissanite stone is made in the lab after its first discovery, and the diamond is mined from Earth’s crust. Similarly to diamonds, it is shaped with different angled cuts and polished according to the requirements. 

-High-level quality – The crystal is of the highest quality with a shining sparkle. Apart from that, it is precisely made with specific cuts. It is hard and durable. 

-Vibrant colours to enhance its beauty – Moissanite colours are vibrant, bright, vivid and come in different shades. It only adds to the beauty of the moissanite jewellery

-environment friendly - Since moissanite is man-made in the laboratory under scientific supervision in a controlled environment, it is an eco-friendly mineral. There is no damage to the earth, unlike diamond mining from Earth’s crust. Even the origins of moissanite stone are traceable. Going one mile ahead, recycled gold is also available nowadays to compliment your new sparkling wear. 

-Long lasting – It is hard like a diamond and resistant to scratches, marks and heat damage. It’s durable and efficient to wear as routine jewellery. While cleaning, you can clean it the same way as any other jewellery: with a non-acid-based cleaner or mild soap and water and a toothbrush.

Let’s look at how much this brilliant stone costs.

Moissanite is not only earth-friendly, but also beneficial to your purse strings. A moissanite price usually varies only with the size and colour grade of the stone. The lab-created stones are budget-friendly and more affordable than mined and lab-made diamonds. For example, if you plan to buy a moissanite engagement ring for your next big day, the pricing will start from up to 300 USD and go up to 4,500 USD. 

With JBR jewellers, there is a wide range of moissanite jewellery pieces to opt from – moissanite rings, moissanite necklaces, moissanite bracelets, moissanite pendants, custom moissanite rings etc.

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