Why are gemstone gaining popularity?

Why are gemstone gaining popularity?

Each one of us has different personalities and varied traits. And as per our culture, this is reflected by our zodiacs, sun or moon signs. Similarly, every person has a specific gemstone compatible with his/her zodiac sign and its traits. In the jewellery sector, gemstone diamonds are highly popular because of their shine, flawless design and occurrence that is highly rare to find naturally. Dated back to Roman and Greek civilizations, gemstones have been extremely sought after due to their sparkle and lustre making them a prized possession from that time. JBR jeweller provides a bouquet of custom ring designs like emerald rings, ruby rings, sapphire rings, topaz rings, pearl rings etc. 


Now, let’s dive into why gemstones are gaining popularity.


1.It's personal – The choice of gemstone is always personal. It depends on which gemstone is compatible with your sign and which one suits you. All gemstones do not suit everyone. So, it is preferable to wear advised gemstones if you believe in astrology. Apart from that, you can always choose any diamond ring that goes well with your preferred gemstone to add shine to your hand accessories.


  1. Feel good psychological factor – Our minds are designed to get attracted to vibrant and shiny objects. And this applies to our love for jewellery pieces. It is believed that the layer or surface of a particular gemstone can trigger happy hormones and release dopamine. This can help us reduce stress and feel relaxed, calm, content and happy. This factor plays a major role while buying gemstone diamondsas per ancient studies. 


  1. Ancient roots and heritage look at play – Gemstones are not at all considered outdated or out of fashion anymore. The gemstones play an important part in jewellery as each one is crafted beautifully with precise and minute details. From heritage-look necklaces, to rings, to crown jewels they give a bespoke statement in the most classy and versatile manner. On top of that, vibrant hues like red, yellow, blue, white etc add to the elegance of the gemstones. 


  1. Value for money – The quality one gets for every penny one shell drives the satisfaction immensely. So, one lucrative option which also adds charm to your style and look is a gemstone ring. It can be called an asset which can derive benefits in the long run. Natural gemstone’s value grows over time and can also be retained as they are rare and beautiful. 


  1. Classy designs – Every design of custom design ringsis carved out in a way that speaks about your personality in a subtle yet bold manner. It emphasises ancient beauty while giving a minimalistic and modern touch to each gemstone. JBR jewellertakes care of this with utmost care that brings delight to your faces. 


  1. Healing and protection – Modern scientific concepts may not apply to this one but according to ancient and traditional studies, gemstones are known to have magical and healing properties of crystals. It can be someone’s good luck symbol, or for someone it can bring prosperity and happiness, or for someone it can heal and have a calming effect on bodies. Different gemstones have different properties and people buy them according to their psychology or perception associated with them. 


  1. Increase in social status – The beautiful variety of emerald rings, rubies, sapphires, pearls, topaz etc have mesmerizing colours that can grace your jewellery piece with more flair. It goes well with your overall look making you feel good about yourself and your personality. People will surely notice your new look and how it has added a dash of freshness with such finesse.