Top trends to look out for in jewellery industry

Top trends to look out for in jewellery industry

From ancient heirlooms to modern-day minimalism, jewellery has never failed to give a bespoke statement to the world with its charm. Dating back to many years when simple gold, silver and diamond jewellery were priceless possessions, nowadays, jewellery pieces have found their purpose with new trends of varied cuts, shapes, metals, shades, colours, textures and much more. And with these changing times, we also embraced to adorn ourselves with these precious metals but with different styles. JBR jewellers offer a range of such jewellery options that are chic, modern, and rooted in their essence. 

Wondering how you can stand out in style with a statement jewellery piece? Here are the top trends in the jewellery industry, you can look forward to!

  1. Make way for the Asymmetry.

-After the era of picture-perfect, symmetrical and predictable jewellery pieces, people are moving towards imperfectly beautiful asymmetrical jewellery pieces. Its unpredictable carved-out shapes and stone give an edgy and cool look. Surprisingly, mismatched colours of single earrings or different cuts of a single jewellery piece are also making the heads turn.

  1. Bold is beautiful

-Bold jewellery pieces showcase the story of larger than life. Big and oversized jewellery pieces are making their way in. Also, bold colours help you to flaunt your personality like never before. Oversized cocktail rings, bold cuff bracelets or iced-out rings with oversized stones will up your confidence while you slay your game!

  1. Let’s go back to good old times – Nostalgia

-The ancient roots pull us like no one else does. Isn’t it? To feel the same vibe, and embrace it, enamel pieces, chunky chains, vibrant symbols like hearts, smileys, peace, and iced-out pendants are making a comeback once again. Apart from that, one craving the feel of their family’s old tradition and culture, heritage pieces and styles are also sought out while adding a modern twist to it with different metal combinations and cuts.

  1. Uncovering the Layers of Beauty.

-Mixed metal stacking makes the layering look subtle and classy in its way. The intricate and bold combinations, textures, lengths and styles of delicate chains have taken over to take the layering trend in the jewellery industry to the next level. Apart from that, you can also have custom iced cut pendants or personalised medallions that can reflect your individuality in a versatile manner. 

  1. Nature-inspired – Floral or oceanic confluence

The blend of nature’s unique forms and shapes with timeless jewellery pieces can never fail to mesmerize us. The elements of nature like flowers, petals, and dainty styles add a touch of feminine energy to your look and grace you with delicate jewellery pieces. Apart from this, oceanic elements like seashells, pearls, and fishes are also incorporated in bracelets, necklaces and pendants making them a perfect fit for your trip and embracing vacay mood. 

  1. Sustainability is the way forward.

The term is not new to us. But the trend is, especially in the jewellery industry. And lab-grown diamond is a testimony of that. It is a man-made or synthetic diamond identical to a mined real diamond. It differs because it is created artificially using cutting-edge technologies. The environment is taken care of while creating this as it prevents mining making it sustainable. So, next time you are gearing up for your big day, why not make it earth-friendly with a lab-grown diamond ring?

  1. Personalized is beautiful.

Personalization is the key to carving out your story in your jewellery piece. Customized names, birth gemstone rings, different metal combinations, varied colours like rose gold, copper gold, name initials jewellery pieces, all these are in for the right reasons – to celebrate the unique you!

All these trends and much more are present in the JBR jewellery collection. From engagement rings to wedding bands, to gemstone rings, to iced-out pendants, to lab-grown diamonds, all these are at your doorsteps right away.


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